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Welcome to CLEANSE FEST 4.  The original CF was an overwhelming success.  The Encore pushed it even further and CF3 blew it up!  You probably already have a friend who joined us.  We can only attribute this success to the fact that people NEED a simple and painless solution to fix their current health situation that includes being overweight, over stressed and not having enough energy to enjoy life after the work day.  CF4 is the solution.  It is pure organic super-nutrition and focused support to keep you accountable.  30 days of focusing on yourself so that you can help those around you do the same.  30 days of fun support from nutrition experts, athletes, chefs, moms, sisters, and those who are going through your EXACT situation.  30 days of baby steps and giant celebrations.  The ripples in the water that we started with CF1 are getting larger and gaining momentum.  We would love to have you join the party! 

xoxo- Margaux and Steve